Aban Tir Trans Logistic Solution International Freight Forwarding & Logistics Aban Tır Trans (ATT). is one of the leading international logistics, freight forwarding services providers offering international freight forwarding services at very affordable rates. ATT, is in business of international freight forwarding, International logistics since 2002. We can customise our systems to every clients, individuals and to their specific needs, giving each one a personalised services, Having trained professionals with over 14 years of experience of the industry work have access to have very competitive rates can offer flexibility of services that our larger competitors cannot provide. ATT is globally known in providing professional level domestic and international freight forwarder and Logistics services in IRAN and CIS region. Our Philosophy Our team operates within our “3C” philosophy: customer focused, creative solutions and community driven. Our customers make us successful allowing us to give back to our community supporting foster youth through Books for Youth.
CIS To/from Persian Gulf There are many routes between China to CIS countries but the best of them is from Bandar Abbas, as a strategic point, BA port play an important role to link dry bounded countries to oceans. Bandar Abbas has many infrastructure such as highway and railway to CIS Countries and it's take about 7 days from BA port to center of CIS countries. Caucasus to/from Persian Gulf Our working Groupes handling this route cargoes every day, for rival of Poti port of Georgia, Bandar Abbas is much more advantageous than Poti port. from BA port takes 4 days to Caucasian center and haulage freight is almost between 1500-2000 $, for updated rate please contact to : sales4@attrans.ir